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Message from the president

Wednesday, 07 October 2015 by

Dear respected members of Gujarati samaj of Atlanta.

First of all I would like to thanks each and every one for giving me a third time opportunity to serve as a president of Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta, which is the largest and one of the oldest organizations in Atlanta. It is my special honor and privilege to begin my term as president of the Samaj. Our outgoing president Mr. Mehul Raja along with his entire team deserves an enormous thank you from all of us who has work hard and has put Samaj on path of prosperity. I would like to pray to god to give me enough strength and guidance, so I can do justice to the position which has been filled by so many distinguished and elite members of Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta.

With the help of continuing and newly appointed BOG and EC members I would like to take Samaj to a new level. I would request my team as well as all members to think with open and fair mind and come up with fresh ideas, on how to serve our community better. I challenge my team to find ways to solve problems faced by Gujarati community and unite them. It is my dream that Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta will be seen as home away from home from each Gujarati family in Atlanta. I would like to use traditional and digital media to reach out to each and every member of Gujarati community and invite them to actively participate in our daily activity. I know that task is big but I vow to tackle challenge and come out with the victory. I would like to see Gujarati Samaj involve in so many challenges faced by our society. My team and I will help women facing domestic violence, children facing education and career issues, new immigrant facing job problems, seniors needing assistance with computer skills, children that needs to learn Gujarati and would love to help someone who just needs a shoulder to cry on. We will plan so many activities and events that all members will be proud. I have so much confidence in my executive team as well as board of governors that I know my entire dream will come true. I am requesting support from all past presidents as well as EC, BOG and experience members, I know your past experience is very valuable and we do need your guidance to run Samaj.

I am requesting all members of Samaj to actively participate and help us out in any way possible. One can help financially, devoting free time as a volunteer or just tell us few word of encouragement. I have open door policy and I welcome suggestion and solution from everyone. If someone has an idea about any event that can benefit to the society, I would encourage them to come and take leadership and plan. My entire team and I will be behind you to support and make you successful.

I know that youth is an important part of our society and families and I request EC and BOG members to find ways to attract them and get them involved. I would like to form a special committee that will oversee active participation of the youth. We will complete playground project for the kids and purchase more equipment so younger kids enjoy coming to the Samaj with the parents.

We are non-profit foundation and we are not here to make profit. We need to serve our community to the best of our ability, I am requesting each member to bring at least one more friend and ask them to become member of the Samaj.

We hope to receive strong and continuous support from all of you to make the 2016 Gujarati Samaj year a success!

Vasudev Patel

The Incredible Gujarati Culture

Tuesday, 06 October 2015 by
Gujarat is a flourishing state with cultural diversity. It is vibrant with its true colors of rich heritage and cultural traditions. Dating back to history with the Harappan civilization, the state becomes a confluence of many religions – Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Buddhism. The Gujarati culture blends in arts, beliefs, customs, traditions, institutions, inventions, language, technology and values.

Gujarat is influenced with enculturation; a culture shared with members of the society and passed on from one generation to the next. Enculturation has unified people with common sense experience and influence that lead to knowledge and appreciation of cultural traditions and lifestyles. The aspect of joining hands to greet or bow down comes through age influences as offering reverence.

Social systems of learning, religious practices and forms of artistic expressions have led way to more balanced lifestyles in Gujarat. People of Gujarat are found to be sharing cultural traits and patterns with other regions and also extend beyond national boundaries towards International culture.

As Gujarat stands as ‘Heart of India’, Multiculturalism is traced in Gujarat. Shared cultural background making people feel to home ground and more comfortable with other people from their own culture. Culture shock unlike other countries is therefore, a missing point which makes people more confident and energetic as they stand for a challenge in global scenario.

Originally known as Gurjars, Gujaratis are influenced by the waves from the past that inherit values of arts, culture and traditions. Gujarat has a strong cultural influence of socio-economic-political history. It has a special significance in Indian Political History as it is a birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and the main influence to the people of Gujarat with his system of non violence movement.

Delicious Gujarati Food

Monday, 05 October 2015 by

Majority of the Gujaratis are Vegetarian. A traditional ‘Gujarati Thali’ consisting of dal (lentils), roti, rice and vegetables apart from salads, farsan and sweet dish followed by chaas, forms the morning meal. Evening food consist of ‘bhakri-shak’ or khichdi kadhi. Mainly, the diet of the people of Gujarat consists of cereals, pulses, green vegetables, fruits, milk, ghee, butter-milk, etc.

A variety of Cuisine sub-ordinates like pickles, chutney, papad, yoghurt, etc serve as fillings on main menu. A variety of dishes are prepared by Gujarati women who also add spice to kitchen with eateries from other regions like the South Indian food, Continental, Chinese cuisines, etc.

About Gujarati Culture

Sunday, 04 October 2015 by
Gujarati urban living offer sophisticated living lifestyles. Well ventilated, furnished, glazed tiled or marbled homes and flats are found in Gujarat. Modern living with landscape gardening and fountains is the new flavor home stay in big cities of the state. Rural living is flourishing with development. However, the traditional hut dwellings and wooden houses still exist with a rich heritage feel and ethnic living. Wood carved houses with the ‘Chabutras’ for bird feeding are the beauty of many traditional homes in Gujarat.
Work Culture
Majority of the Gujarati thrive as Business persons. However, Gujarat is a leading Industrial State that ranks its commercial capital and textile city Ahmedabad as 7th in India. It possesses highest number of operating airports, the Gujarat cities are connected worldwide. Many business opportunities see way to development with the Vibrant Gujarat in various sectors as:
Faith and Beliefs
Gujarat has major multicultural religious faith system with the inception of all-embracing religious faith ranging from caste to caste. The major religions followed are Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Groups like Bohras and Moresalaam garasias, Kutchis who had been converted to Islam still have eqaunimous way of life of a typical Gujarati. Sunni Muslims are second largest group ,followed By Jains,Parsis of Iranian descent of south Gujarat and Christians. People of Gujarat are god fearing, friendly and good natured. They live in harmony and respect each other’s faith and beliefs. Gujaratis are often found to mingle and enjoy all religious festivals with no caste or creed differences.


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