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Bakul Patel

Bakul Patel

Dear respected member brothers and sisters of Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta.

Happy New Year's to the entire Atlanta area Gujarat Samaj community. Late last year I was deeply humbled and appreciative of the trust you bestowed upon me to take over the presidentship of Samaj. Being a lifelong member of this Association, I've always admired the growth, strength, and bonds fostered within the Gujarati community through Samaj's work and service.

My hope is to continue to strengthen those qualities in the future during my tenure. However, I understand that I will never be able to do that without Community involvement and the help of my peers. Therefore, I'm reaching out to you in the new year and requesting your help in suggestions and recommendations on how to grow our Samaj and how to strengthen our unity and bond.

Some of my personal goals and aspirations during this tenure is to celebrate all holidays and important occasions as a complete family. In doing so I hope to strengthen our senior committee and hope they will become not just be a key component of our organization but a source of great continued wisdom and mentorship for our leaders of tomorrow. I'm also reaching out to all our younger Samaj members and challenging them to step forward and assume the intended purpose of the association to guide us into the future and pass on our traditions and values to our children and community. More importantly and of personal wishes I would love to see more involvement of our women in our association because without them our Samaj is incomplete. I'm confident and certain that this year together we can build a stronger team with more representation of all of our wonderful community.

With the new year always comes new experiences and for that I'm greatly excited. In addition, I ask you to reach out to your own peer groups, your friends circles, and your family and have them get involved into our Samaj because there is inherent strength in numbers. As a result, with strength we can all be a stronger family and asset to the Atlanta community.

Once again, I'm appreciative of the trust that you've bestowed upon me and I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you during this year of 2018


Bakul A. Patel



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